Rickshaws in Beijing

The Forbidden City


Peking Duck Dinner


Cloisonne Factory


Summer Palace


Dumpling Demo


Scott makes dumplings


Artist Yanzhen Zhang


Luncheon in the hutong


The Wild Great Wall


Street Games


Sally explains sugar spun animals


Don & Ellen walk in the park in Beijing


Resting in the park


The Xian Garden Hotel Lobby


Xian Garden Hotel Front Desk


Noodle-making Demo


Xian Park


Amber explains the Chinese Medicine Market


Close-ups of the terra cotta warriors and horses


Xian Hotel Dancers


Thousand Buddha Dance


Tai Chi Demo


Hu Xian Farmers' PaintingVillage: Jack makes flat noodles


Breakfast with our hosts in the village


Farmer Painting Village Artist paints rooster


Gaohu virtuoso at Shu Feng Ya Yun teahouse performance


Spitting Fire


Giant Panda Sanctuary near Chengdu


To Tibet via China Air

Tibetan Instrumentalists at Dhood Gu Hotel in Lhasa


Family in Lhasa with local guide, John


Playing with the children in a Tibetan orphanage


Child in orphanage outside classroom


Sad Goodbyes to the children

Child at a primary school in Fengdu, along the Yangtze


Fengdu men help cook for a birthday party



Captain's welcome party aboard the Victoria Star on the Yangtze


Terraced fields of rice in Fengdu


Elizabeth & Jack aboard a small boat in the Lesser Gorges


Morning mists in the Gorges


The "Wedding" Party aboard the Victoria Star


Andrea, Elizabeth, Jack, Ellen & Don in Hong Kong


Sheila explains tea-ordering etiquette




Man Mo Buddhist Temple in Hong Kong


Farewell Banquet in Hong Kong