egypt photos


MS River Hathor moored at Edfu

Transport to Edfu Temple

Horus Temple at Edfu

The god, Horus

Chef Jack in a cooking lesson onboard

Our pilot on the MS River Hathor

Galabiya Party Onboard: Eliz., Jack, Joe, Kathryn & Phyllis

Jack feeds a baby camel

Gentlemen's Shisha Cafe

Kom Obo Temple at a bend in the Nile

The Goddess of Architecture at Kom Obo Temple

Details of women birthing and medical instruments, Kom Obo Temple

View of the Nile & City of Aswan from the New Cataract Hotel

Philae Temple, moved onto the Island of Agilka

Philae column with carving of musicians

Philae Temple at night

The four colossi & us at Abu Simbel

Ramses II

Abu Simbel interior

Abu Simbel interior

Tomb of Queen Nefertari

Abu Simbel - carved into the rock

The Gang at rest

Boy & his camel

I'm on!

We're on!

St. Simeon Monastery (6th cent.) in the desert

Hanaa with local guide in St. Simeon Monastery

The Nubian Village

Our hostess in the Nubian Village

View from Island in the Nile

" Picnic" on an island in the Nile, Aswan

Nubian Museum

Nubian sculpture with Key of Life (ankh)

Le Meridien Hotel and Pyramids

Le Meridien Pool and Pyramids

Vicki standing in the Cairo apartment where we had dinner

Nama explains the home-cooked menu

Saqqara Pyramid

Papyrus Columns

Guard in Saqqara

Local Men at Saqqara?

The Gang: (left to right)
Hanaa, Phyllis, Jack, Vicki, Elizabeth, Marilyn, Jennifer, Sharon, Bill & Nancy

Elizabeth at Khufu

Khafre, Khufu, Menkaura & us

The Sphinx

The Gang & Sphinx

Elizabeth & Hanaa in the Coptic Church Shop

A Coptic Church

Mohammed Ali Mosque in the Citadel

Modesty Capes in the Mosque

Mohammed Ali Mosque Interior

Mosque Ceiling

Mohammed Ali Mosque Interior

Cairo Souk & Minaret

Bargaining in the Souk

Cell phones and hijab

Farewell Asian Dinner Floating on the Nile: (L to R)
Jack, Bill, Elizabeth, Phyllis, Kathryn, Jennifer, Vicki, Joe, Sharon, Marilyn, and Nancy

Cairo by air