malta photos

The harbor in front of Hotel Juliani, St. Julian district

Hotel Juliani

Lobby of the Juliani

Elizabeth & Jack at the harbor in St. Julian's

Transport by Maltese retro bus

Gateway into the walled city of Mdina

Mdina Cathedral

Auberge de Castille (1574) in Valletta, home of the Prime Minister,
originally built for the Langue of Castille, a powerful Order of the Knights of St. John

View of Fort St. Angelo in the city of Vittoriosa

Ferry nearing port at the island of Gozo

City of Rabat on Gozo: Citadel Cathedral (1711)

View from the Citadel


Street in the Old Quarter in Rabat on Gozo

Cathedral in Xaghra on Gozo

Ancient Ruins of Ggantija Temple, 3600 B.C.(on Gozo)
1,0000 years before the pyramids & 1,600 years before Stonehenge

Ggantija Temple interior with oracle

Ggantija Temple: 1,0000 years before the
pyramids & 1,600 years before Stonehenge

Town of Xaghra (on Gozo): Kola Windmill

Hagar Qim Temple (Malta)

Hagar Qim Temple Entrance

Mnajdra, overview of temples by the sea

Building materials for Mnajdrar

Mnajdra altar

Mnajdra: "blueprint" of temple

St. John's Cathedral, Valletta

Caravaggio, Detail of painting of St. Jerome

View of waterspout or tornado on the ferry to Sicily from Malta

Villa Paradiso in Taormina, Sicily

View of Mt. Etna from Villa Paradiso

Gateway to the Mediterranean Sea in Taormina

Sunset view in Taormina

Greek ampitheater in Siracusa, Sicily

Fountain of Aretusa sculpture with papyrus plant (Siracusa, Sicily)

Siracusa Modern Art Museum

Plan of the Greek ampitheater at the summit in Taormina & view of ruined wall

Views of the Teatro antico di Taormina

Views of Mt. Etna from the Teatro antico di Taormina

View of Mt. Etna from the hotel terrace

Taormina Pottery Shop

Angels in a Taormina Park

The Sicilian Countryside

View from Agrigento, one of the most splendid and powerful cities in Greek antiquity
Sicily's World Heritage Site

Agrigento: Jack at Temple of Zeus, 5th century B.C., the largest Doric temple ever built

Agrigento: Temple of the Dioscuri
Pindar called Agrigento "the most beautiful city of those inhabited by mortals"

Agrigento: Temple of the Dioscuri

Agrigento: Necropolises

Agrigento, Temple of Hera

Valletta, Malta: Grand Master's Palace & Neptune's
Courtyard, built for the Knights of Malta

Three Cities: Jack in Vittoriosa

Three Cities: Senglea Point, Vedette

Three Cities: traditional boats in port

Maltese inscription

Vittoriosa kids & church

The Old Quarter in Vittorisosa

One more Temple: Tarxien Temple, Jack & the fat lady statue

Last night promenade in St. Julian's quarter

Love Boat in St. Julian's