thailand photos

View of Bangkok & a nearby wat (temple) from the China Princess Hotel

Our guide, Roger, in a Chinatown market

Khmer-style prang (tower) of Wat Arun ("Temple of Dawn") seen from the Chao Phraya River

Wat Arun's great prang represents Mount Meru, home of the gods

Hammock and exterior of traditional Thai house on a canal

Thai Cooking lesson

The Giant Swing, once the site of an annual Brahman ceremony

Wat Suthat

Gilded Buddhas at Wat Suthat

Schoolroom with children at Wat Suthat

Jack and friend at Wat Suthat

Chinese statue at Wat Suthat

Reclining Buddha (having attained nirvana) at Wat Pho

Farong (foreigner) guarding the gate at Wat Pho

Miniature gardens with hermits striking poses at Wat Pho
(These posed hermits were used as diagnostic aids in traditional medicine.)

Jim Thompson House—Traditional Teak House
(Thompson is credited with reviving the Thai silk trade after WWII.)

Orchids & ancient statue at Jim Thompson House

Riding in a Bangkok tuk tuk

The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Entering Kanchanaburi ("buri" means town)

"Death" Railway reconstructed on the River Kwai Yae
(bombed by the Allies & reconstructed with 8 curved original parts)

Arriving at the dock of the River Kwai Resotel

Hotel Main Building and Pool

On the river to Hellfire Pass

River Kwai Jungle Raft Hotels

Houseboat along the River Kwai

Truck transport from the river to Hellfire Pass

Hellfire Pass carved mostly by hand tools by Allied POWs in WWII

Trestle bridge near Hellfire Pass

On the bus again with our driver & bus boy, 'Benz'

Rice fields about ready for harvest

Sukhothai Historical Park: Wat Mahathat

Sukhothai Historical Park: Wat Mahathat

Wat Mahathat: Detail of Walking Monks

Sukhothai monument with lily pond

Transportation by trolley through Sukhothai Historical Park

Sukhothai Seated Buddha

Sukhothai: Wat Si Sawai (Khmer style)

Wat Sa Si and chedi from a distance

Wat Sa Si

Wat Sa Si Seated Buddha

Wat Si Chum Seated Buddha (51' tall)

Wat Si Chum: Detail of Giant Seated Buddha

Approaching the shaman's house in the village at Donchum School

The shaman and his granddaughter

The students demonstrate dancing and music

Jack with naughty student

Scenery in a national park on the way to Chiang Ra

Boarding songtaew taxis to the hill town of Mae Salona

Entering Mae Salona, town of the Yao tribe

Yao women working

Approaching an Akha village

Akha villagers