thailand photos

View of gates of Angkor Wat (1113-50), temple to Vishnu, later a Buddhist monastery & king's tomb

The travelers with a seven-headed naga (serpent) & gates

The famous view with reflections of the central prasats inside the gates of Angkor Wat

temple monkeys

Columns along a gallery

Angkor Wat lintels and devatas

Angkor Wat stone relief: "The Churning of the Milk"

Entrance to Angkor Thom by causeway, past 54 deities on the left and 54 demons on the right

Angkor Thom, once a city of a million: South Gate with face of Lokeshvara (bodhisattva)

Angkor Thom: Bayon Buddhist temple

Bayon Stone relief of marching army with elephants

Angkor Thom: Baphuon (1060 A.D.)
Temple collapsed due to inadequate Khmer engineering skills & is undergoing restoration.

Angkor Thom: Phimeanakas ("Palace of the Gods & Sky")
(Khmer legend: union between king & nagini or girl/serpent—
a story underlining the importance of the female in legitimizing the royal line.)


lintel at Phimeanakas

French archeologist at work

Angkor Thom: Terrace of the Elephants

Three-headed elephants along the terrace

Elephant with lion (center) & elephant spurred by Kornak (right)

Ta Prohm temple (1186 A.D.), Temple of Brahma the Ancester

Elizabeth & Jack measure the kapok tree

Ta Prohm gopura (pavilion) of the 5th enclosure

Ta Prohm: building strangled by ficus plant

Gallery in the first enclosure of Ta Prohm temple strangled by ficus plant

Narin at Pre Rup temple (ca. 961)

Two Cambodian children selling postcards

classical Khmer female dancer

Khmer folk dance


The East Mebon, dedicated to Shiva (952 A.D.)

Leaving East Mebon

Cambodian musicians, all land-mine victims, near Banteay Srei temple

Banteay Srei temple ("Citadel of the Women"), built by two Brahmans in 967 A.D. & rebuilt in 1931

Elizabeth & Jack at Banteay Srei temple

Side Prasat, library on left

Blind doorway of Central Prasat with devatas in niches

lintel with Indra on Airavata, (the 3-headed elephant)

Combat between Sugriva & Valin, West Gopura

Leaving Banteay Srei (southwest corner)

charcoal-laden cart

rural gasoline station

Narong & a privately sponsored well

Boats & houseboats on the river to the Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia

On the river to Tonle Sap Lake, home of many illegal Vietnamese fishermen

Shadow puppet theater: from the house & backstage in Siem Reap

Tamarind Village Inn in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Wat Chiang Mun in Chiang Mai

Jack & elephants at Wat Chiang Mun
Elizabeth's Concert in Chiang Mai

Street musicians in Chiang Mai, young & old

Bangkok Novotel (at the airport)

Dinner with friends

Happy end of Thai adventure