turkey photos

View of Istanbul

Istanbul: Galata Tower, once used as watch tower and prison, 14th century

Istanbul spice market

Ayasofya ('Divine Wisdom'): Byzantine church, Islamic mosque, modern museum (Justinian, 532-7 A.D.)

Ayasofya: The Great Dome (19th century photo)

Ayasofya: View of windows & mihrab (indicates direction of Mecca)

Ayasofya: Column with Byzantine capital

Ayasofya: Byzantine mosaic of Christ with Constantine (left) & Empress Zoe (right), 13th century

Topkapi Palace: Tower view (1459-780), second Ottoman palace in Istanbul

Topkapi Palace: Audience Hall in third courtyard

Topkapi Palace: Library of Sultan Ahmet III, interior

Topkapi Palace: Harem exterior (second courtyard)

Cruise on the Bosphorus

Bosphorus cruise: Ortakoy Mosque

Ottoman-style houses on the Bosphorus

Modern houses on the Bosphorus

Rumeli Fortress (Sultan Mehmet II, 1452)

Bosphorus Cruise: Palace gatehouse

Dolmabahce Palace for Sultan Abdulmecit (1856) - 285 rooms

Maiden's Tower (18th century) - now a restaurant

Istanbul Grand Bazaar- (Sultan Mehmet I, 1461)

Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Camii)

Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Camii) - interior

Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Camii) - dome

Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Camii) - interior

Basilica Cistern - water supply for Ayasofya

Tram at Taksim Square

with Beryl with Kiriklar Villagers

Beryl with boy

Village women

Kusadasi: View from the Kismet Hotel

Kusadasi: Celebration

Kusadasi: Birthday


Columns and relief of Nike

Curetes Way

Library of Celsus (114-117 A.D.)

Ephesus Library Statue

Ephesus Library Detail

Ephesus latrines

Ephesus freize

Statues from Ephesus

Ephesus Terrace House

Ephesus Terrace House

Jack tries weaving at the Sultankoy Carpet Shop

The Sila Star sets sail

Side trip to the Dalyan River to see Caunos

The domed church at Caunos, 6th century

Rock-cut tombs on the Dalyan River (5th century)

Three-mile hike to nomadic village and Lydian ruins

nomadic house

nomadic couple

nomad's oud & clothes

Lydian ruins

Sila Star at anchor