turkey photos

Enjoying life on the Sila Star

Rainy day hike to a ghost town left by the Greeks in 1923

Leaving the Sila Star in the port of Fethiye

Lycian Rock-cut tombs, 4th century B.C., in the ancient town of Myra

Hellenestic ampitheatre in Myra for 8,000, reconstructed by the Romans after an earthquake in 141 A.D.

Roman ruins in Myra

St. Nicholas church in Demre

Speed limit?

Demre cat with woven wares

Antalya, with the Taurus Mountains in the background

Ottoman-style houses converted to the Marina Hotel in Antalya

Antalya Harbor

Doorway in Antalya

Coat shopping with Jason and Jeri

Hadrian's Gate, built for the emperor's visit in the 2nd century, Antalya

View of the Taurus Mountains, Antalya

Antalya ottoman-style house

Antalya market display of spices

View of the city of Antalya

The gang in Antalya

The Three Muses
(Antalya Museum)

The Dancer
(Antalya Museum)

Nomadic shepherds with goats in the Taurus Mountains

Crossing the Taurus Mountains

House in the mountains

Bedroom in Akburun Village

Our hosts with Kadir in Akburun Village
(Arif Yildiz, 2nd from left, and wife, center)

Esrefoglu Mosque, 13th century, in Beysehir

Mevlana Mausoleum for the poet Rumi in Konya, 13th century

Mevlana Mausoleum

Cell for a dervish

Portia gets a lift from Kadir & a waiter

Sultanhani Caravanserei in Konya, early 13th century

Sultanhani Caravanserei

and nearby WC

Snow-covered mountains on the Konya plain approaching Cappadocia

Cappadocia formations and cliff houses

Kaymakli Underground City, Uchisar

Jack and Elizabeth among the formations in Cappadocia

Hikers & filmmakers among the Cappadocia formations

Ballooning in Cappadocia

View of formations & houses from Goreme open-air museum

Balloon passing over the Goreme open-air museum

At the Goreme open-air museum

Citadel in Uchisar, Cappadocia

Last meeting of the gang

Madrid Airport