elizabeth vercoe composer

Fanfare for HC
for 4 trumpets (2016)
Composer Facsimile Edition, 1 minute

Fanfare for HC is a short, celebratory piece that was written in 2016 to honor Hilary Clinton and her nomination as the first woman to be the presidential candidate for a major party.

The composer writes:
"In 1981 Wellesley College commissioned me to write a fanfare to celebrate the inauguration of Nanerl Overholser Keohane, 11th president of Wellesley. So during this election year it occurred to me, as a Wellesley graduate myself, that this distinguished Wellesley graduate running for president should have her own celebratory fanfare to mark the historic moment.

The fanfare that resulted is a short piece based on Hilary Clinton's name and initials. The notes "H" (or B-natural, in the German tradition) and "C" are woven into the fabric of the piece from the very first opening notes. In addition, her full name, Hilary Clinton, informs the principal rhythmic idea of the piece (three short notes and two longer ones).

While the election did not lead to the presidency, Secretary Clinton won the popular vote and left many more cracks in the infamous glass ceiling."


See score sample below.

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Hilary Clinton