elizabeth vercoe composer


"Vercoe has created a real drama...very theatrical...wonderful."
"I don't know of another composer who has created a special
like this and made it her own."
(Composer USA on Herstory III)


Elizabeth, pianist Eri Nakamura, and mezzo Fleur Barron at Tanglewood

Dawn Upshaw & Elizabeth after Tanglewood concert


Clare, Maggie, Elizabeth, Sonja, and Megan after Calliope Calls concert

pianist Clare Longendyke, Elizabeth, and soprano Sonja Tengblad


Composers Beth Weiman & Elizabeth

Mary Jane Rupert & flutist Peter Bloom



Flutist Peter Bloom & harpist Mary Jane Rupert

Peter, Mary jane & Elizabeth in Chiang Mai, Thailand


Gardner Read, composer & mentor (1913-2005)

Clara Lyle Boone, publisher, Arsis Press (1927-2015)

Composer at work

Faculty concert at Regis College with Wanda Paik & Elizabeth


Flutist Nancy Stagnitta and Elizabeth with staff and students at Flutistry in Boston

Pianist Patricia Halbeck, Elizabeth, & Lisa Vanarsdel

Neil Gladd, Elizabeth, & soprano Jean Ferraraccio

Peter Bloom, Elizabeth, & Mary Jane Rupert
Duxbury Art Complex in Massachusetts, 2004

Elizabeth & clarinetist Chester Brezniak 'rehearsing' in Maine

Elizabeth & composers Fred Tillis, T.J. Anderson & Marga Richter & pianist Vivian Taylor

Kenneth Lee (baritone), pianist Jeff Wood &
Elizabeth at premiere of A Dangerous Man (1990)

Co-Chairs Marjorie Merryman & Elizabeth,
Womens' Music Festival/85 at Boston U.


Sharon Mabry, Rosemary Platt & Elizabeth
before the premiere of Herstory III, 1986

Gardner Read & Elizabeth


Kemp & Scotty at the keyboard

Scott Vercoe, jazz pianist/composer, and Lydia (singer)
Scotty at the Club Cafe


Andrea Vercoe & conductor (Moscow)

Andrea with the Great Noise Ensemble

Andrea performs with the Low End Strings in D.C.

Andrea also plays with the National Arab Orchestra recently on tour in Saudi Arabia

Recording session at Shalin Liu Concert Hall in Rockport

Elizabeth at recording session

The Studio (Massachusetts)

The Studio (Maine)