elizabeth vercoe composer

            "Her music possesses power and strength as well as great warmth and imagination."     Gardner Read


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A la fin-tout seul
for mandolin & optional piano

   "an impressionistic new work" (Boston Globe)


   Plucked String Editions

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Balance:  Duo for Violin and Cello (1974)



   Arsis Press
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   Studio City, CA  91614
   tel. 818-784-8918, fax 818-990-2477     
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Butterfly Effects for flute and harp (2008-9)

  "a delicate fantasia...her gorgeous music is explored with striking inventiveness"



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Navona CD & iTunes

Butterfly Effects for oboe and harp (2010)

  "a suite of contrastingly nuanced sound and space, Butterflies fittingly ends a recording that is breathtaking, fresh, and an emotional point of arrival."
  (IAWM Journal)



   Certosa Verlag (German publisher)
MSR Classics CD




Corollaries for horn in F (2007)




Certosa Verlag (German publisher)



Electric Bebop (1987)




Neil Gladd Publications


Fantasy for Piano (1975)


   "An imaginative, intense fantasy."  (Clavier)


   Arsis Press

Navona CD & iTunes



Fantavia for Flute and Percussion (1982)


   "timbral adventures and some lovely moments"  (New York Times)
   "a delicate, birdcall-inspired fantasia"  (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
   "the twists, turns and trills of the flute were gorgeous"  (The Columbus Dispatch)

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   Centaur Records





God Be In My Head for chorus and keyboard (1995) 


   "And the closing, starting with a knell of finger cymbals, is perfect..."  (IAWM Journal)



   Arsis Press

Herstory II:  Thirteen Japanese Lyrics for sop/piano/perc. (1979)

"spare, reticent and suggestive"  (Boston Globe)


   Arsis Press

   Navona CD &

Lady Murasaki Shikibu (#1) mp3
Lady Otomo No Sakone (#4) mp3
Lady Horikawa (#6) mp3
Lady Otomo No Sakonoe (#8) mp3
Lady Izuni Shikibu (#13) mp3

Herstory III:  Jehanne de Lorraine for mezzo & piano (1986)

 "This extraordinary work would be a wonderful second half for any vocal recital."  (The NATS Journal)


   Arsis Press

   Starkland Recordings

Jehanne, la bonne Lorraine mp3
I have labored sore mp3
I am a soldier mp3
Holy Cat Blues mp3
Inquisition mp3
God be in my head mp3

Irreveries from Sappho for voice & piano (1981)


   "The hit of the American selections was Vercoe's Irreveries."
                                                            (Washington Post)


   Arsis Press
Navona CD & iTunes

Andromeda Rag mp3
Older Woman blues mp3
Boogie for Leda mp3


Kleemation for flute & piano (2003)

  "highly abstract yet accessible"  (WRUV Reviews)



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   Navona CD &


Goodbye To You mp3
Please! mp3
On the Beach mp3
More Will Be Marching Soon mp3
Woman Sowing Weeds mp3


Irreveries from Sappho for SSA & piano (1985)

  "hugely funny, elegant"  (The Post-Standard, Ithaca)



   Arsis Press 


Pour Christine (1984)  
    for piano




   Certosa Verlag (German publisher)




Sonaria for Cello (1980)

"a lyrical work for unaccompanied cello"  (The Belmont Herald)

"skillfully exploits the qualities and possibilities of the instrument"  (The Jewish Advocate)



   Arsis Press 





Supplication for Piano (1994) 
   League ISCM, Boston, Piano Book

"and the closing...is perfect..." (IAWM Journal)

Supplication is an arrangement of the final prayer in Herstory III, a monodrama on the life of Joan of Arc.

The League ISCM Piano Book consists of 33 Easy-to-Intermediate Pieces by Contemporary Boston-Area Composers.
The book is available from the League-ISCM, Boston for $10 plus shipping costs. The piece is also available separately from the German publisher, Certosa Verlag.

   Certosa Verlag (German publisher)

To Music (2003) 
   for solo flute   

  "...sensitivity in Vercoe's four short movements for solo flute."  (Infodad.com)



   Noteworthy Sheet Music
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Umbrian Suite (1998) 
    for piano four hands 




   Certosa Verlag (German publisher)


Zwei Klavierstücke   
    two pieces for piano

    1. Pour Christine (1984)
    2. Supplication (1994)

   Certosa Verlag (German publisher)





     Articles (by Vercoe, published)

"In Memoriam: Clara Lyle Boone (1927-2015), Publisher, Composer, Educator, Activist" in the Journal of the International Alliance for Women in Music, Volume 21, No. 2, Fall/2015.
                      (Read article)

"Where are the Great Women Conductors?" in the Int'l. Choral Bulletin, Summer/1997
                      (Read article)

"Letter from St. Petersburg," in Journal of the Int'l. League of Women Composers, June/1993
                      (Read article)

"Interview with Vivian Fine," in Journal of the Int'l. League of Women Composers, June/1992
                       (Read interview)

"Composing a Life," in Creativity at Work, National Cathedral School magazine, Winter/1992
                      (Read article)

" A Composer's View" (Review of Historical Anthology of Music by Women), in Historical Performance: The Journal of Early Music America, Summer/1990       (Reprinted in the ILWC Journal, September 1991.)
                       (Read review)

"Are the Odds Against Women Composers?" in a Monograph of the Boston League ISCM, Fall/1987

"Occasionally...somehody really says something.  Composer Elizabeth Vercoe documents the neglect of women composers:  names are named and figures cited..."  (Tommasini, Boston Globe)
                      (Read article)

" Women Composers:  A Stacked Deck,"
in Interlude:  Journal of the Boston Musicians' Assoc., Fall/1987
                      (Read article)

"The Lady Vanishes?" (Report on the Conference on Women in Music at the Univ. of Michigan), Perspectives of New Music, 1982
                      (Read article)

Interview, Yale University American Music Oral History Project (taped & transcribed), 1985.
                       (Yale Oral History Project )

Interview (via recording or transcript thru Yale)   or contact the composer at elizvercoe@yahoo.com

     Articles (about Vercoe's music)                     

Jennifer Capaldo, ELIZABETH VERCOE: Composing Her Story (2008)       (Doctoral Dissertation)
                                         (Click to see summary and/or download online)

Jennifer Capaldo

Jennifer Capaldo, Tracking the Herstory Cycles of Elizabeth Vercoe
                                         in the Journal of the International Alliance for Women in Music, Volume 17, No. 2, 2011

Alicia Kosack, American Women Composers: Selected Published Works for Flute and Piano and for Unaccompanied Flute Composed between 1930 and 2008    (2010), pp. 28-30        (Doctoral Dissertation)

     Lectures (by Vercoe, unpublished)

"Are Musical Ghettos a Good Idea?,"    Public Lecture given as part of a residency holding the Acuff Chair of Excellence at Austin Peay State University, 2003        (Read article)

"Music in Time of War,"    Public Lecture given as part of a residency holding the Acuff Chair of Excellence at Austin Peay State University, 2003       (Read article   &   Program)