Despite our differences #1 for violin, cello & piano

Despite our differences #1
for violin, cello & piano (1984)
American Composers Alliance, 13 minutes
Navona CD & iTunes

“The piece displayed an attractive warmth of feeling, with some stormy passages
for the piano making a particularly compelling grab for the attention.” (Boston Herald)
“…a high-water mark of the disc.” (
“Real interest lies in the dialogues and differences” (Boston Globe)

Despite our differences #1 is a dramatic and fast-paced movement for piano trio. It was written in Paris in 1983-84 during a period of collaboration between the composer and the Greek-American pianist, Christine Paraschos, whose fiery musical personality became a strong influence on the nature of the piano writing. The music was revised slightly in 1992 before a performance by the Fairmont Trio at the Charles Ives Center for American Music.

Ms. Paraschos played the American premiere of Despite #1 on the Women’s Music Festival/85 at Boston University as guest pianist with the outstanding contemporary music group, Alea III. She also played the Paris premiere at the Nouveau Theatre Mouffetard in 1987. Following her tragic death in 1997, the piece was dedicated to her memory.

The trio was recorded live at the Women’s Music Festival in Boston and that electrifying performance is now available on a Navona CD.