Irreveries from Sappho: Boogie for Leda
Sonja Tengblad, soprano
Clare Longendyke, piano
Recorded live: October 23, 2016  

Butterfly Effects: Banded Blue Pierrot
Peter H. Bloom, multiple flutes
Mary Jane Rupert, harp
Recorded live: Feb 15, 2015  

Herstory IV for mezzo soprano and mandolin
Marjorie Bunday, Mezzo soprano
Neil Gladd, mandolin
June 8, 2010  

Herstory III: Jehanne de Lorraine
Sarah Coit, mezzo-soprano
Kirill Kuzmin, piano
Jul 29, 2016  

Herstory III: “N’Appercevez Vous”
Brenten Megee, Piano
Apr 16, 2022

Note:  The voice part is omitted in order  to demonstrate extended techniques in the piano.