Fanfare for 3 trumpets and timpani

for 3 trumpets & timpani (1981)
American Composers Alliance, 1.5 minutes

The Fanfare is a short, celebratory piece that was premiered at Wellesley College and also performed by the DeKalb Wind Ensemble.

The composer writes: “Fanfare for three trumpets and timpani was commissioned by Wellesley College for the inauguration of Wellesley’s eleventh president, Nannerl Overholser Keohane. In order to present music that was in some way personalized for the occasion, I chose a theme based on the letters in the president’s name that corresponded to musical pitches. The resulting theme is the origin of most of the music, but does not appear complete until about halfway into the piece. Unlike most fanfares, this one opens with a short timpani cadenza.”