Holman Suite for cello & piano (1991) for oboe & piano

Holman Suite
for cello and piano (1991) or oboe and piano (2010)
Composer Facsimile Edition, 10 minutes

The Holman Suite is a set of six pieces of moderate difficulty. It was commissioned by Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Holman for their family of cellists and was written for premiere by Hannah Holman who was a graduate student at the New England Conservatory of Music at the time. The premiere actually occured at a new music festival at Bates College in Maine in April, 1992. There is also an arrangement for oboe and piano.

Intended as a versatile piece of intermediate difficulty, the unaccompanied first and fifth movements may be played alone, any two or three movements may make up a smaller suite, or a single movement (most likely the finale) could be played as an encore. The first movement is improvisational, the second very brief and mysterious, the third somewhat jazzy (and a direct borrowing from the composer’s Changes for Orchestra), the fourth parallel to the second but rather darker, the fifth an unaccompanied dance-like movement full of trills, and the sixth a rather arch ragtime.

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