Three Studies for piano

Three Studies
for piano (1973)
American Composers Alliance, 3 minutes

“It is a pleasure to meet these three arresting pieces.” (The Piano Quarterly)

” Mirrors is a study in melodic inversions; Daydream has a languid, imaginative
use of fifths… All three short pieces are contemporary in sound.” (Clavier)

The Three Studies were written for the composer’s most talented piano students in the early 1970’s, and received a professional premiere at Boston University by pianist Andy Kraus in 1975, the year they were published.

Teachers have sometimes used these imaginative pieces in piano classes with different students playing the three different movements.

The first piece is entitled “Mirrors” and is a short and rather playful study of inversions. “Daydream” is a miniature consisting of only a few measures and containing only fifths. The closing “Fugue” is the fastest, longest, and most demanding of the three pieces, but all three are intended for intermediate level piano students.